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Cold Flow Improver

The active ingredient of this product is ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, which is a co-polymerized acrylamide obtained by free radical polymerization of three monomers. It is generally used as a cold flow improver for diesel, which reduces the cold filter plugging point and the solidification point of diesel in low-temperature environments to improve its low-temperature flow performance. It can also increase the yield of light diesel oil in refineries and improve economic efficiency. This product has a significant improvement effect on catalytic diesel, thermal cracking diesel, straight-run diesel, wide-cut diesel, and narrow-cut diesel.
In practical applications, the diesel and the additive are first mixed together to form a mother liquor, and the recommended dosage is 200-1000ppm. Users can determine the most appropriate dosage based on the evaluation results of experiments.

Cetane Improver

This product is made up of organic esters and a variety of high-efficiency additives. It is mainly used for the blending of diesel components of internal combustion engines such as diesel locomotives, ships, and power machinery. It can effectively improve the cetane number of diesel from general catalytic cracking, ethylene cracking, and waste oil regenerated. It can significantly improve the combustion performance of diesel and the performance of diesel engine cold start, exhaust emissions, combustion noise and so on. It can effectively improve the power output of the engine, reduce fuel consumption, reduce pollution, and bring considerable economic benefits.

Anti-Wear Additive

This product is made from the synthesis of long-chain unsaturated fatty acids and glycols and then compounded with fatty amine salts and solvents. Adding 80-300PPM anti-wear additive to diesel, the diameter of the wear scar is less than 460μm, which can improve the lubrication performance of low-sulfur, low-aromatic diesel and reduce the wear of diesel pumps. It can also be applied to various fuel oils produced from coal tar.
This product is suitable for a variety of high-efficiency lubricity additives for diesel oil. In the case of the same dosage, the use effect (wear scar diameter) is better than or equal to imported similar products with no negative impact on other performances of diesel. The reference dosage is 80-300PPM, and the appropriate dosage is determined according to the diesel lubrication performance test.

Color Developer

This product is a zinc salicylate aqueous dispersion with a white emulsion appearance and a solid content of 45%. It is used as the coating material of carbonless copy paper bottom paper CF and middle paper CFB. The carbonless copy paper produced with this product has the advantages of fast color rendering speed, high color rendering density, and strong light resistance. The product performance is stable under normal temperature and low temperature conditions.


The main component of this product contains wheat starch, which is suitable for CB coating material on carbonless copy paper. As a spacer, it supports and protects the microcapsule dye in the coating layer and prevents it from being damaged and overflowing the dye. The appearance of this product is white powder, no peculiar smell and the appearance of the particles is spherical. The average particle size is about 18-20 microns.


The chemical name of this product is 2-phenylamino-3-methyl-6-dibutylaminofluorane, also known as thermal (pressure) sensitive black TF-BL; it is mainly used to produce color-developing dyes for thermal carbon paper and fax paper . The appearance of this product is a light-colored powder. CAS registry number: 89331-94-2; chemical formula: C35H36N2O3.


This product is a colorless transparent oily liquid with a slight odor and can form an azeotrope with water. The boiling point is 117.72°C and the melting point is -89.8°C. Mainly used as plasticizers, solvents for resins, paints, adhesives, defoamer for mineral separation, raw materials for detergents, dehydrating agents, and synthetic fragrances.


This product is a colorless transparent oily liquid with a special odor and can form an azeotrope with water. The boiling point is 185°C and the melting point is -70°C.It is mainly used as plasticizers, solvents for adhesives, dehydrating agents for detergents, defoamers for photography, papermaking, paint, printing and dyeing, dispersants for glaze slurry in the ceramic industry, mineralizers, detergents, petroleum Additives, etc.