Cold Flow Improver

Product Introduction

The active ingredient of this product is ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, which is a co-polymerized acrylamide obtained by free radical polymerization of three monomers. It is generally used as a cold flow improver for diesel, which reduces the cold filter plugging point and the solidification point of diesel in low-temperature environments to improve its low-temperature flow performance. It can also increase the yield of light diesel oil in refineries and improve economic efficiency. This product has a significant improvement effect on catalytic diesel, thermal cracking diesel, straight-run diesel, wide-cut diesel, and narrow-cut diesel.
In practical applications, the diesel and the additive are first mixed together to form a mother liquor, and the recommended dosage is 200-1000ppm. Users can determine the most appropriate dosage based on the evaluation results of experiments.

Technical Data

Appearance: colorless or light yellow liquid
Water Solubility: insoluble in water
Closed-cup Flash Point: ≥61℃

Packaging, Storage and Transportation

In the storage, loading/unloading and blending. The maximum temperature is 65ºC; if in long time storage we suggest the Max. Temperature is 50ºC. Avoid contact with water and moist air. 
In cold environment, the product may solidify, but the solidified product maintains function. When used, it needs to be heated up in the warm room to melt for easy blending.
ISO tank bulk package or packing in 200L drum, net weight is 180Kg/drum according to customer requirement.
The warranty period is 24 months.