M0328B Volatile Punching Oil

Product Introduction

M0328B Volatile punching oil is composed of refined narrow fraction mineral oil, friction reducer, preservative and other additives. It has high oil film strength and low friction coefficient, and has good anti-corrosion, cleaning and volatilization performance. It can significantly reduce the breakage rate of
aluminum fins, improve the surface quality of parts, extend mold life, and improve the operating environment.
Performance Characteristics
1. Excellent extreme pressure and lubrication performance, greatly extending mold life.
2. Good release performance, meet the fin flanging requirements.
3. Fully volatilized, leaving no marks, no cleaning.
4. No corrosion to copper, aluminum, no damage to the hydrophilic film of hydrophilic aluminum foil.
1.It is used for stamping or shearing processing of aluminum fins, aluminum foil, aluminum plate strip, aluminum bottle cap security caps.
2.It is used for the bending and rising of copper pipes

Typical Data
1. Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid
2. Kinematic viscosity(40)/(mm2/s): 1.906
3. Density (20)/(g/cm3): 0.7973
4. Flash point (closed)/: 83
5. Copper corrosion (100, 3h)/level: 1b
6. Evaporation rate (140) /min : 7
Packaging, Storage and Transportation
1. 200L iron drum packing.
2.Product marking, packaging, transportation, storage and delivery acceptance shall be carried out in accordance with SH/T 0164.
3.Store in a cool and dry place, pay attention to moisture, sun and fire, and keep the container sealed, it is strictly forbidden to mix other impurities.