Anti-Wear Additive

Product Introduction

This product is made from the synthesis of long-chain unsaturated fatty acids and glycols and then compounded with fatty amine salts and solvents. Adding 80-300PPM anti-wear additive to diesel, the diameter of the wear scar is less than 460μm, which can improve the lubrication performance of low-sulfur, low-aromatic diesel and reduce the wear of diesel pumps. It can also be applied to various fuel oils produced from coal tar.
This product is suitable for a variety of high-efficiency lubricity additives for diesel oil. In the case of the same dosage, the use effect (wear scar diameter) is better than or equal to imported similar products with no negative impact on other performances of diesel. The reference dosage is 80-300PPM, and the appropriate dosage is determined according to the diesel lubrication performance test.

Technical Data

Appearance: slightly yellow liquid
Density (20℃): 0.88-0.98
Freezing point, ℃: ≤-12
Cloud point, ℃: ≤-8
Sulfur content: <100ppm
Flash point (closed), ℃: ≥140
Acid value (mgKOH/g): ≤210
Mechanical impurities: none

Packaging, Storage and Transportation

Packing: iron drum packing.
Store in a cool and ventilated warehouse, keep the container tightly closed. When handling, please load and unload carefully to prevent damage to packaging and containers.
Transportation: This product is a non-dangerous product. According to relevant requirements, lightly load and unload, and ensure that the container does not leak or damage during transportation.