RD Diesel Anti-Oxidant

Product Introduction

The secondary processed diesel contains impurities such as diolefins, sulfur,alkaline nitride, soluble metal salt and water, resulting in poor color stability of diesel and gasoline, easy to oxidize and turn black, and produce odor, In particular, the formation of soluble or insoluble sediment will seriously affect the quality of oil.
According to the actual situation of the market, Chengdu Ruidi Chemical Technolog Co., Ltd. launched RD Diesel Anti-Oxidant and conducted a large number of experiments on winter oil, proving that RD Diesel Anti-Oxidant Stabilizer has a very obvious effect on the stability of oil color and odor.

Technical Data

Appearance: light yellow liquid
Density(g/cm³): 0.95-10.5
Flash Point(℃): >45
Freezing Point(℃):≤ -20

Product Performance

1. Prevent the oxidative polymerization of diesel from producing colloid to become black and odorous.
2.Effectively control the formation of total insoluble matter in diesel and increase the transparency of oil products.
3.Improve the stability of diesel and meet the index requirements of diesel above China V.
4.Keep the color of diesel unchanged for more than a month.

Usage Method

1.Recommended dosage:200PPM-300PPM.(The optimal addition amount is obtained from specific experimental results.)
2.Directly add RD Diesel Anti-Oxidant to diesel and fully mixed with diesel for about an hour.(The more fully mixed, the better the effect.)
3.It can stabilize diesel for more than one month.(The above is subject to the experimental data of specific oil products.)

Packaging, Storage and Transportation

1.Packed in 200L steel-plastic composite barrel, 170KG/barrel.
Shelf life:24 months from the date of manufacture.
2.This product should be avoided in the sun during transprotation and storage, away from fire and stored in a ventilated place.


1. This product is combustible, please store according to the general flammable chemical regulations.
2.Wash with soapy water when touching skin.