Product Introduction

This product is a colorless transparent oily liquid with a special odor and can form an azeotrope with water. The boiling point is 185°C and the melting point is -70°C.It is mainly used as plasticizers, solvents for adhesives, dehydrating agents for detergents, defoamers for photography, papermaking, paint, printing and dyeing, dispersants for glaze slurry in the ceramic industry, mineralizers, detergents, petroleum Additives, etc.

Technical Data

Chroma (platinum-cobalt color), No.: 6
Density (20℃)g/cm3: 0.832
Purity%: 99.7
Acidity%: 0.001
Carbonyl compound content (calculated as 2-ethylhexanal), %: 0.004
Sulfuric acid color experiment, No.: 16
Moisture, m%: 0.02

Packaging, Storage and Transportation

Safety: The liquid of this product is slightly toxic. Avoid skin contact and inhalation. If it splashes on the skin and eyes, wash quickly with plenty of water. It needs to be packed in dry and clean galvanized steel drums or tank trucks.
Store in a cool, dry, and ventilated warehouse. Protect from sunlight, and no open flames nearby.
Handle with care during loading, unloading and transportation to avoid collision and keep the packaging intact.